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Tutto in Old Town

January 28, 2010

Our monthly dinner get-together took us to Tutto this past weekend.  Tutto assumed the location of the fallen Digestif right across the street from Cowboy Ciao.  Tutto, meaning “everything” in Italian is a fitting name as the menu offers pretty much everything Italian form traditional carpaccio appetizers to the standard tiramisu and “take the gun, leave the” cannoli desserts.  The owners of Tutto didn’t bother redecorating their predecessor’s restaurant and they didn’t necessarily need to as Digestif opened only 2 years ago.  So this is a good thing as you don’t feel like you are in some hokey “Under the Tuscan Sun” or faux Las Vegas restaurant.  While Digestif was a great “foodie” restaurant, its allure was lost on most their demographic.  Tutto on the other hand brings something everyone is familiar with – great Italian food with an upscale twist. 

Our service at Tutto was amazing.  Granted it was a slower night and our waiter was doubling as the bartender – but obviously knew the menu and offered great recommendations.  We sampled three appetizers – beef carpaccio, calamari and mozzarella caprese.  The mozzarella caprese was terrific, thick slices of buffalo mozzarella and beefsteak tomatos, drizzled with a basil balsamic dressing and served with mixed greens.  This appetizer could have made for a light meal.  The Conniglio Pappardelle was a great dish – the rabbit was rich and tender and paired perfectly with a hand made pappardelle and a tomato cream based sauce.  The tiramisu was rolled in a chocolate shell and artistically served standing upright with a chocolate garnish.

Hopefully the word gets out that good eats are back in this location on the canal, and the owners of Tutto make it longer then their predecessor.

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